Fast Same Day Dishwasher Repair & Anywhere in

The Antelope Valley



Our expert appliance repair technicians can easily repair any dishwasher and anywhere in Lancaster, Palmdale or the Antelope Valley 24/7. With over 10 years of experience each all of our certified appliance repair technicians are trained to repair all dishwashers no matter what the brand, model or issue may be. From new digital Samsung dishwashers and luxury Viking dishwashers to older white GE dishwashers and commercial dishwashers – one call handles it all with our service pro’s.


Call us if Your Dishwasher is Leaking! We Will Stop it and Do Our Best to Mitigate Any Potential Water Damage!

We also warranty as well as guarantee all of repair work and replacement parts. We only use genuine replacement parts mated to your dishwasher and as EPA certified techs we ONLY use eco-friendly materials while, servicing your dishwasher. As a veteran-owned and operated company we do not cut any corners to save a few pennies plus, we always see to it that the jobs gets done.


We service the entire AV 24/7 so please feel free to contact us anytime at (661) 426-2844

We will double and triple check that your dishwasher is reaching the proper temperature to kill germs